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Municipal Tourism Bureau held a '2013 Xiamen island's most popular tourist scenic spots' commendation

Date: 2013-04-02

Recently,Xiamen Tourism Bureauheld a "2012Xiamen island's mostpopulartouristscenic spots" in recognition ofmeeting on the10award-winningislandresortforawardingand certification.

To conscientiously implementthe party's 18spirit of the meeting,the full implementation ofthe municipal government"to speed upthe development oftourism industry inthe implementation ofopinions", the fullimplementation of the "inter-islanddevelopment·city5A"tourism development strategy,vigorously developislandtourism,XiamenMunicipal Bureau of Tourismthis yearFebruary 1 to March 10, launched the "people of Xiamenislandtour·visitors' favoritescenicspot" contest.

Byislandscenicspotreporting,District Tourism Bureaurecommendedthat the publicvotedtourists,voting resultsand other aspects ofvalidation,Xiamen Tourism Bureaubefore10on access tothe"Xiamen island's mostpopulartouristscenic spots"in recognition.I hopeby the recognition ofunitsas the motive powerand redouble their effortsto furthercreate an ecologicaland environmental protection,management innovation,service-classtourist attractionsfor the city tofullyimplement the "inter-islanddevelopment·city5A",to promote thecity'sleisure tourismindustrynew heights.