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Work together to accelerate the development of cultural industries

Date: 2013-09-16

Wang Meng Hui said that Xiamen is a cultural and artistic heritage of the city, with Chinese technology Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the cultural industry, you can find a good combination, I believe we will succeed. Currently, we propose to build a beautiful Xiamen, Xiamen beauty, an important aspect is that the culture of the United States, the cultural characteristics of Xiamen obvious cultural industry development has been relatively high. We need to bring in the right business, the cultural construction of more prominent, the more beautiful building in Xiamen, make Xiamen residents shared. Xiamen can stimulate creative passion and hope that more Chinese arts and crafts masters Group came to Xiamen, creating better work. I hope the two sides in creativity, design, development, trade, and so deepen cooperation, complementary advantages, so that a cooperation agreement as soon as possible, as soon see results.

Zhou Zheng-sheng said that Chinese technology group as the country's largest arts and crafts culture a central level, the emphasis on full use of industry resources, the development of the arts and crafts industry plays a leading role in promoting social responsibility as possible. Fujian province is a cultural, arts and crafts industry cluster formation, we and Fujian, Xiamen, cooperation, resource sharing, cooperation and win-win are very confident. Hercynian economic zone, Xiamen is an important beachhead, where we hope to build China headquarters Hercynian process, leveraging our resources, the arts and crafts masters studio, design institutes, brand marketing, brought over, for the beautiful Xiamen contribute to the building.

China Group is a Chinese arts and crafts craft industry leader in culture, arts and crafts materials main business covers the development and utilization of R & D production management, related trade, integrated logistics and services, with Chinese jewelry, Chinese arts and crafts import and export more than 30 industries covered upstream and downstream of the two enterprises.

City leaders farming leaf weight, Zangjie Bin, Huang Qiang attended the meeting.