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The Mid-Autumn festival in xiamen best place to enjoy the Amoy area

Date: 2014-09-01

Whenever the Mid-Autumn festival, bright moon is high, the light wind gently brushed, beauty company, enjoy the moon at night is a real pleasure.
Especially in xiamen!If its moments of beauty, such as not good enjoy brilliant night sky, really waste.
Amoy area is the most prosperous area of xiamen, there are a lot of good place to enjoy the here recommend one by one to you!
Recommend a: enjoy the ferry along the coast

Recommended reason:
Sit the shore, the ship chirp, lamp shades, seawater, uncertain, then look at the other side lights, lights beautiful, very dreamy colors.Ferry coast has traditionally been moon "hot spots".To the moon, it's a good idea.
About friends, small carrying two bottles of wine, see beautiful scenery continuous, can talk, or have a chat, can also sing a song, swing dance.How casual carefree!Ferry flight to have in the morning, but with the moon.
In xiamen ferry terminal a boat to a single item is 8 yuan.First flight 5:45, gulangyu station first flight at 5:30.
Class 1, 6-7 p.m, every 10 minutes, at 21:00-00:20, every 20 minutes.