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Xiamen National Day free at a high speed

Date: 2014-10-01

On October 1, 00, 00-24 October 7:00, passenger car highway toll free;Time to leave the vehicle export charge lane time shall prevail.
National Day golden week seven days free high speed: "11" golden week, the highway will again below 7 (including) for passenger car free release.
Free passage of vehicles running scope is: the toll road seven (7) the following passenger vehicles, including allowing in ordinary toll road driving motorcycle.Highway toll free of scope: approval in accordance with law set of toll roads (including Bridges and tunnels).It is reported that the car free passage of the specific time is: on October 1, 00, 00, on October 7, 24:00 to end.Free time is defined as: ordinary highway traffic lane with toll charge time shall prevail, exported vehicles off the charge lane highway time shall prevail.
As a result, such as in high speed during free time, but not in the free time time away from the highway, still need to pay fee.High-speed toll free execution is set according to the system time, even more than 1 minute, also can't enjoy free policy, the driver should be estimated time of arrival in export toll station ahead while driving.
Because of the golden week plus free high-speed, high-speed will usher in a big wave traffic.Xiamen the industry analysis, the "golden week" highway traffic flow peak will appear in the "a head of a tail," travel most vehicles will focus on the first day of the free passage and the last day, more concentrated sections will be in and out of traffic island road and area surrounding roads.