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Xiamen sea pearl tower to restart New domestic top attractions such as the air post office

Date: 2014-10-25

If you want to "greedy" to the beauty of the gang in xiamen, where to find?Is located in foxtail hill sea pearl tower must be no second place.Sea pearl tower after months of renovation, debut earlier this month.Sea pearl tower "new pattern" : the highest domestic air post offices, with 500 catties "K gold", "gold" of paved road and 3 d pictures area are the Marine pearl tower "2.0" bright spots.
18th floor of the sea pearl tower, tower staff Mr Huang, 18th floor before did not open to the public, is the first open after the renovation, the biggest bright spot is the intangible cultural heritage all over the country.
Usual bowed their heads and walk is likely to fall off a trip, but here you have to be bowed their heads and walk to find the essence.The ground is made of transparent toughened glass, the reporter can see at a glance "underground buried treasure" - from the qin dynasty knife-shaped coin to after the founding of using food stamps, paper everything;There are 500 jins K gold "gold" avenue, chaozhou woodcarving, suzhou embroidery, minnan kunfu tea, and Taiwan's kinmen wind lion ye, and so on.
Stand at an altitude of nearly 200 meters, send postcards to "TA", in the hands of a very romantic thing?After renovation, the reporter found the 19th floor 360 degree viewing platform to add a lot of new content.Among them, the new domestic top "air post office" is a major bright spot.The reporter sees in the "post office" are sold with beautiful scenery postcard, hand-drawn map, gulangyu island in xiamen stamp this souvenirs, etc.In addition, the 19th floor new 3 d pictures area, can with 3 d version of haicang bridge at night to pictures.