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Xiamen will push "nursing home" pilot work has been started

Date: 2014-11-04

Nursing home refers to the construction in recent years in Western Europe, Japan and other countries of various types of "the old man's home."Old house" in general can be divided into three types: one is for physical health, life can provide for oneself the old man;The second is for part can provide for oneself life, also need part according to the old man of h;3 it is holding on the life cannot provide for oneself, the old man suffering from various chronic diseases or disability.Source (baidu encyclopedia)
According to the ministry of civil affairs of the relevant standards, the community elderly day care center's main service object is the life cannot provide for oneself completely, takes care of everyday life half of disability, the elderly day care of the elderly, provide meals, personal care, health, entertainment, and transportation services such as the daytime.
Community elderly care center is equivalent to "nursing home" in the day, and the children can send the old man in the morning, then take the elderly home in the evening.
Xiamen municipal bureau of civil affairs bureau chief Liu Pingshui, pushing forward the construction of the community elderly day care center is the key of the pension service work in xiamen this year.Such "nursing home" not only can solve the elderly spiritual loneliness, can also provide help in life."On the site, we will consider appropriate location, convenient shuttle children."
Ping said that in the future, "nursing home" will also gradually introduced into professional social work services, the xiamen promotion, the construction of large area, and makes the community home endowment to be more perfect, convenient.