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And the welfare home old man's family reunion dinner

Date: 2015-02-25

Have a family reunion on New Year's eve, eat the big delicious dinner, talk about a happy thing, is everybody New Year's day the most beautiful and good memory.Hasn't arrived, despite the eve of the welfare of the old people eat the family reunion dinner, free in advance JingMin center hotel care let them feel warm.

16 at noon, hotel and mid-level managers are kept at the entrance to the hall early, waiting for the welfare of old people to come to eat the family reunion dinner.Dinner meal all provided free of charge by the hotel, the hotel leadership and the old people sitting at the table, toast, rice, food for old people, to the old people happy New Year, scenes of warm, warm words, steaming food, let the old people feel the thick atmosphere of the New Year, everyone talking and laughing, is worth a family.The warmth of family reunion dinner let everybody in cold winter, felt the thick warm meaning.