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Hand in hand to fix beautiful home

Date: 2016-10-27

Typhoon "moran's" cause serious damage to xiamen, shortly after the typhoon, xiamen JingMin center hotel gives "everybody action, clean up their homes" initiative, one hundred employees, called on the response and spontaneous rescue teams, and after the island west community volunteers and residents in community with cleaning up after a disaster self-help activities.
A staff to tidy your room, affected actively in the post-earthquake recovery and the community and some employees home relatively far away from the hotel, after the typhoon path is not all smooth, they arrived at the hotel for an hour or two and, in the clean-up effort.Some frontline employees in jobs, on a day of classes, go off work to see you in the work, regardless of the overworked, after another to join the team passion.Cleaning works carried out quickly and effectively, we work together to removal and handling the branches and rubbish.Near a resident's car was destroyed seriously, by a falling tree next to the hotel staff one by one with a chainsaw branches cut open, lifting up the big branches, nearly 10 staff would carry out the car.
Nearby residents praise: JingMin these young girls really give force, and have received professional training for rescue and relief work.After several hours of fighting, clean up more than one hundred bags of garbage, migration barriers, a dozen car finally unblock the lantau road near west community, after returning the surrounding environment to clean and tidy.Everyone pulled together scene touched a lot of hotel guests, they said: "xiamen people in the disaster, unity is strength, self-conscious autonomy rebuild the force to let the heart warm, more let a person see the xiamen unique charm in the city."
Xiamen JingMin center hotel for 19 years has been adhering to the "gold neighbors, silver customers" concept, actively fulfilling corporate social responsibility, continuous condensed and passed to mutual positive energy, contributing to the beautiful xiamen render a